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Bratislava/Slovakia - worth a visit?

I'm thinking about holidays for later this year - I'm a teacher so I can only go in school holidays, and flights tend to be very expensive so it's usually a case of finding out where is cheap and seeing if we like the sound of it, rather than deciding in advance where we want to go! Our last travel experience was a bit of a wash-out (Easter in Andalucia - it rained for 3 days, then we both got terrible food poisoning for the rest of the trip!) so we want a really good trip to make up for it! Anyway, we're moving house over the summer so we don't want to go away then, the next chance we'll get to travel is the last week in October.
The only cheap flights I've managed to find are to Bratislava in Slovakia - I don't know anything about this area at all, so I'm hoping to hear from someone who's been there before. I've travelled around the Czech Republic - is Slovakia fairly similar?
How much is there to do in Bratislava or nearby (we'll only be going for 5 days at the most so we don't want to spend too much time travelling)?
Any idea what the weather might be like at the end of October? Is there enough to do if the weather's not good?

Thanks for any suggestions!

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