broken___angel (broken___angel) wrote in eastofprague,

Northeastern Slovakia

Hi! I need some advice about travel in Northeastern Slovakia, specifically to the towns of Habura and Stropkov. I'm Canadian, but my grandparents were born in those villages, and next summer, I'm hoping to head that way and see where my family originated from. So, I have a few questions...

1. Accomodation - based on my limited Google searches, it doesn't seem that there's too much in the way of accomodation in either of these towns. Am I just missing the right sites online, or am I going to have to stay in a larger city and drive in?

2. Arriving in Slovakia - I'm going to be coming from London, England (will be studying in England for two months before this trip); what is my best option for cheap travel to Slovakia?

3. Language - I've been told that the dialect of Slovak that my grandparents spoke is much closer to the Ukrainian language than it is to the Slovak spoken in Bratislava. Before I go, I'd like to gain at least a working knowledge of the language - would I be better to study Slovak or Ukrainian (or something entirely different?) to be able to communicate effectively in this region?

4. Anything else I should know??

Thanks :)
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